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When you log in to the NewVoiceMedia platform, you see the following webpage:

ContactWorld home

Home page

The main area of the NewVoiceMedia platform's home page contains two elements:

  • Carousel
    The top of the home page includes a scrolling area that contains links to NewVoiceMedia news items. Click More info to open the news item in a new tab.
    Undismissed alerts also appear at the top of the carousel. For information about alerts, see 226400256.
  • Components
    The bottom of the home page contains icons that represent NewVoiceMedia platform features. Click an icon to open the webpage for the related feature in the current tab.


NewVoiceMedia platform's banner is always present as you navigate around different areas of the NewVoiceMedia platform.

ContactWorld banner

Hamburger button

By default, icons and menu item names appear in the menu. Click the hamburger button to shrink the menu to display only icons. Click again to display the menu item names again. For information about the menu, see 226400256.

Hamburger button


Alerts are short messages about the status of NewVoiceMedia or your NewVoiceMedia platform account.


The example shows four undismissed alerts, one of each severity. The highest severity alert, 'Danger', appears in the carousel. The More info link indicates that more information about the alert is available.


The Help menu contains three items:

Menu itemDescription
Home HelpA link to the 226400256 page within NewVoiceMedia Product Documentation.
Documentation HomeA link to NewVoiceMedia Product Documentation.
Product UpdatesA link to the Product Updates section within NewVoiceMedia Product Documentation.

ContactWorld help


The Account menu shows the logged in user's name and NewVoiceMedia account, and the following options:

Menu itemDescription
Switch Account

Click to log in using a different NewVoiceMedia account.

This item is only available if you have access to multiple accounts.

LogoutClick to log out of the NewVoiceMedia platform.

ContactWorld Account


NewVoiceMedia platform's menu is always present as you navigate around different areas of the NewVoiceMedia platform. The menu contains all the features of the NewVoiceMedia platform.




Menu itemDescription
HomeLink to homepage. Click Home at any time to close the menu and return to the homepage.

ContactPad is the main interface that agents use when handling interactions within the NewVoiceMedia platform.

For information about ContactPad, see ContactPad.

Skill Management

Manage skills and assign skills to agents.

For information about managing skills, see Skill Management.

Virtual Queues

Configure virtual queues to enhance skills based routing and prioritize interactions based on their service level agreement.

For information about managing virtual queues, see Virtual Queues.

Real Time

Monitor and manage calls, queues, service levels, agent states and group states using live contact center information. For information about Real Time, see Real Time.

Interaction Architect

Design call flows using announcements, timetables, IVR Menus, CTI Routers, Integration APIs for third parties. For information about Interaction Architect, see Interaction Architect.

Stats and Reports

Configure and run reports to be delivered on screen and in emails. For information, see Stats and Reports.

IVR Data Collector

Configure the Interactive Voice Response system to collect data from callers. For information about the IVR Data Collector, see IVR Data Collector.

Call Recordings

Search call recordings by Dialled Number, Caller's Number, Agent, Date, and so on. For information about the Call Recordings, see Call Recordings.

System AuditView system activity including log in attempts, agent and applet updates, and user access changes. For information about System Audit, see Viewing system activity (System Audit).
System Settings

Manage passwords, single sign-on, short codes, agent states, and APIs.

For information about system settings, see Editing System Settings.

User Access

Manage individual User access rights to the key modules of the NewVoiceMedia platform. For information, see Configuring user access.

Salesforce AdministrationProvide Salesforce credentials to link your NewVoiceMedia platform account to your Salesforce account. For information, see Linking NewVoiceMedia Vonage Contact Center to a Salesforce account.



In addition, the menu contains the following links: