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ContactPad is the main interface that agents use when making and receiving calls through NewVoiceMediaVonage Contact Center. ContactPad has four panels that show information relevant to your agents and their calls.



The home tab contains:

  • The agent's name and agent ID: Bob (110)
  • The callback numbers available for outbound presentation—available if enabled for your account: Sales Line
  • The agent's current telephone number—available if enabled for your account.
  • The agent's call handling skill groups: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • The Log Out button. Agents can click Log Out to log out from ContactPad.
  • The Settings button.

The information panel contains:

  • Direction of the current call, if the agent is on a call, or the previous call: LAST CALL - INBOUND

  • The name of the telephone line the caller has dialed—available for inbound calls only.

  • The name of the queue the call has come from—available for inbound calls only.

  • The time that the caller waited in a queue—available if enabled for your account.

  • The caller's telephone number.

  • The telephone number that the caller dialed.

At the bottom of ContactPad, two buttons appear:

  • Clicking the left button reveals the call GUID for the current or previous call. Clicking the button again hides the call GUID.
  • Clicking the right button reports bad call quality to NewVoiceMediaVonage Contact Center. For information about reporting bad call quality, see Reporting audio problems.

If agents are using ContactPad in Salesforce, they will have an additional feature in the information panel. For more information, see ContactPad in Salesforce.


The message panel is where any messages for you are displayed. These messages are typically about call failures—either when we cannot contact the agent's phone, or we cannot connect to the number the agent is trying to call.

New messages appear at the top of the list.

To remove individual messages when the agent has read them, the agent can click the X button next to each message. To remove all the messages, the agent can click Delete All Messages.

The number of messages appears in the panel's tab for quick reference.


The queue information panel displays the number of calls waiting in the queues the agent is serving, based on their groups. The number also appears in the panel's tab for quick reference.

If agents are using skills based routing, the number includes calls that the agent can answer because the agent has all the mandatory skills, and calls that are in their personal queue (as well as sharing a service group). The number does not include calls that agents could answer only because a mandatory skill has expired, or because the personal queue has expired.