If enabled for your account, agents can use the voicemail feature. Using the voicemail feature, an agent can perform the following tasks:

  • Record a greeting in ContactPad. If the agent is unable to answer a call in their personal queue, the caller will hear the greeting. The caller can leave a voicemail for the agent.
  • Listen to voicemails:
    • While logged in to ContactPad. The agent can locate and listen to voicemails in ContactPad.
    • While logged out of ContactPad. If configured for your account, when a caller leaves an agent a voicemail, Vonage Contact Center sends the agent an email. The email informs the agent that they have a voicemail and also provides a link to that voicemail.

For information about configuring voicemail, see Setting up voicemail. For information about using the voicemail feature, see Using voicemail.

You must also have the call history feature enabled for your account to use the voicemail feature.

Voicemail is supported in the following browsers:

  • Mozilla® Firefox®, latest version
  • Google Chrome™, latest version

ContactPad with voicemail

When the voicemail feature is enabled for your account, agents will notice some changes in ContactPad. For information about ContactPad, see Overview of ContactPad. Because the voicemail requires the call history feature, the message panel is replaced with the call history panel. For information about the call history feature, see Call history. Along with the All and Missed lists, a Voicemail list also appears. An agent can find, listen to, and delete voicemails in Voicemail list in the call history panel. An agent can also record a greeting that caller will hear if the agent is unable to answer their phone.

In the following examples, the call history panel displays a new voicemail indicator. If the agent has new voicemails, the voicemail indicator appears on the call history panel regardless of which panel is open. In the first example, the agent has three new voicemails. A turquoise dot appears alongside a new voicemail in the list. As with the other call history lists, the telephone number of the inbound call appears along with a time stamp. The time stamp indicates when the caller left the voicemail. In the second example, the agent has clicked to listen to the voicemail and the new voicemail indicator is decremented by one—the agent has accessed the voicemail and the voicemail is no longer new. In the third example, the turquoise dot no longer appears alongside the accessed voicemail.


Voicemail (accessed)

Voicemail (updated)

Vonage Contact Center updates the Voicemail list every 60 seconds.