Consult to Queue

What is Consult to Queue?

If the Consult to Queue feature is enabled for your account, an agent can consult a queue or interaction plan about a call. Consulting to a queue or interaction plan puts the original caller on hold. The agent waits in the queue or interaction plan for an agent servicing that queue or interaction plan to become available.

The waiting agent is given the 'highest' priority in the queue and their call will be answered as soon as possible. Skills required by the original call are removed thus maximizing the number of agents who can handle the consult. While waiting, the agent can switch between the inbound caller and the queue; their position in the queue is maintained. When an agent becomes available, the original agent is immediately connected to the new agent (even if the original agent is talking to the caller. In this scenario, the caller is put on hold.).

Consult to Queue enables the original agent to get assistance with the call, or to introduce and pass on information about the caller to the consulted agent. After consulting to queue, the agent can optionally transfer the call to the consulted agent. For information about consulting and transferring a call to a queue, see Working with an inbound call.

To use the Consult to Queue feature, you need an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) applet in skills based routing mode—the ACD applet becomes a Universal Contact Distributor (UCD) applet, or a skills based router. For information about ACD and UCD applets, see Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) or Universal Contact Distributor (UCD) applet.