Call history

If enabled for your account, agents can see their call history in ContactPad. Call history includes inbound calls to the agent's personal queue, and outbound calls; inbound calls to the agent's personal queue that they missed are highlighted in their call history and also appear in a separate list of missed calls.

ContactPad with call history

When the call history feature is enabled for your account, agents will notice some changes in ContactPad. For information about ContactPad, see Overview of ContactPad. With call history, agents can see lists of their recent calls. The message panel is replaced with the call history panel.

In the following examples, the All list shows all inbound calls to an agent's personal queue, and their outbound calls. The list contains a maximum of 500 calls. The telephone number of the calls appear along with a time stamp indicating when the calls were made or receivedThe agent received two inbound calls to their personal queue at 11:33 am and 2:16 pm on Thursday, but missed the 2:16 pm call. The agent made an outbound call at 2:05 pm today. Agents can differentiate between inbound and outbound calls by their logos.

The Missed list shows all missed inbound calls for the agentThe list contains a maximum of 500 calls.

In both lists, calls are sorted by date in descending order.

Vonage Contact Center updates call history every 60 seconds.

Recent calls list

Recent calls list (missed)

For information about using the call history, see Viewing and returning recent and missed calls.