Viewing and returning recent and missed calls

If you have the call history feature enabled for your account, you can see lists of recent inbound queues to your personal queue and outbound calls in ContactPad. For information about the call history feature, see Call history.

How do I view my recent and missed calls?

To view your recent and missed personal queue calls, go to the call history panel in ContactPad. The All list shows all inbound calls to your personal queue—both received and missed—and your outbound calls. The list contains a maximum of 500 calls. You can differentiate between inbound and outbound calls by their logos.

The Missed list shows all your missed inbound calls. The list contains a maximum of 500 calls.

How do I return recent or missed calls?

To return an inbound call or remake an outbound call, click the telephone number in either the All or Missed list. Your state changes to Busy Outbound. Proceed as with making any other outbound call.