Call control using a telephone keypad

While using ContactPad, agents can control inbound calls using their telephone keypad. This method of controlling calls is called dual-tone multi-frequency signaling (DTMF). Dual-tone multi-frequency signalling sends signals from a telephone keypad to Vonage Contact Center. Vonage Contact Center interprets these signals and controls a call based on the key or keys pressed on the keypad. Vonage Contact Center agent can perform similar tasks to the tasks they can perform in ContactPad using their telephone keypad. These tasks include putting a call on hold, consulting with a third party during a call, and transferring a call to another telephone number.

DTMF call control works only with inbound calls. Agents cannot control outbound calls or conference calls using DTMF.

For information about controlling calls using a telephone keypad, see Controlling calls using your telephone keypad.