Controlling calls using your telephone keypad

How do I use my telephone keypad to control calls?

While using ContactPad, you can control inbound calls using your telephone keypad. This method of controlling calls is called dual-tone multi-frequency signaling (DTMF). To use your telephone keypad to control calls, you must have DTMF enabled for your account and the phone line you are using for the calls. You can perform tasks like those you can perform using ContactPad. For more information about controlling calls using your telephone keypad, see Call control using a telephone keypad.

Call control using a telephone keypad works only with inbound calls. You cannot control outbound calls or conference calls using your telephone keypad.

Using your telephone keypad, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Put the caller on hold. To put the caller on hold, press * on your telephone keypad. To retrieve the call, press * again.
  • Consult with a third party—another agent or number—about this call. To consult with a third party, firstly press to put the call on hold. Then press the phone number, agent ID, or short code of the third party on your keypad, followed by #. When you have finished the consultation, to return to the original call, press * again.
  • Transfer the call to another agent. To transfer the call to another agent, perform the same steps as you would to consult with a third party. You can transfer the call in two ways:
    • Cold transfer As soon as you hear the ring tone, hang up your phone. Instead of consulting with the person first, as soon as the third party picks up their phone, Vonage Contact Center transfers the call.
    • Warm transfer Consult with the third party first to provide call details, and then hang up your phone. Vonage Contact Center transfers the call.