Reporting problems

If you experience problems when using ContactPad, you can report the issue to Vonage Contact Center. You can record problems with audio including echo, distortion, too loud, too quiet, and so on, during a call. You can also send a detailed report from ContactPad for investigation at any time while logged in to ContactPad.

Investigating problems

Platform-wide problems

If multiple customers report the same problems over time, Vonage uses the information to help identify and then resolve platform-wide issues.

Individual agent problems

Vonage does not proactively investigate your individual reports. You or your supervisor can use these reports to identify and resolve local issues.

If enabled for your account, a Report problem appears on the information panel in ContactPad.

Report call quality issue

While logged in to ContactPad, to report problems, click the Report problem button. Report problem appears. If you are currently handling a call, audio problem buttons are available. If you are not currently handling a call, you can send only a detailed report.

Audio problem buttons available

Audio problem buttons available

Audio problem buttons unavailable

Audio problem buttons unavailable

Click an audio problem button to report the specific problem being experienced, or click the Send report button to send a detailed report.

Audio problem reported

Detailed report sent

Call quality issue recorded

If configured, reported audio problems appear in Dashboards. For information about viewing reported audio problems in Dashboards, see Viewing audio problems in Dashboards.