Getting your client credentials from the Vonage Contact Center Admin Portal

For various features, you will need a client ID and client secret.

These client credentials will not work with the new Vonage Contact Center APIs. For information about client credentials for new Vonage Contact Center APIs, see Configuring API credentials.

Your client credentials consist of:

  • your client ID. Your client ID identifies who you are, a bit like a user name.
  • your client secret. Your client secret is a password that's generated by Vonage Contact Center.

How do I get my client credentials?

To get client credentials for your account, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the VCC Admin Portal and go to Configuration (within Account Settings). Configuration appears. For information on accessing Configuration, see Editing Configuration (Account Settings).
  2. Go to the APIs tab.
    APIs tab
  3. In the Name field in the Create Client Credentials section, type a name for the credentials.
    Create client credentials
  4. Click Client Credentials. A Success message appears and your new credentials appear in the Existing Credentials section.
    Copy and save your ID and secret. You cannot retrieve them later.Created client credentials