Using dynamic announcements in a Data Announcer applet

How do I dynamically select the announcement to play to each caller?

If enabled for your account, you can configure a Data Announcer applet to dynamically select the announcement or announcements that a Data Announcer applet plays to each caller. The Data Announcer uses a value or values in a data source to identify the audio file or files to play. For information about the Data Announcer applet, see Data Announcer applet.

For more information about dynamic audio files and preparing to use them, see Dynamic audio files.

Ensure that you have a data source that contains the appropriate value or values available to the Data Announcer. The value or values in the data source must match (including the case) the file name or names of the appropriate audio file or files; multiple values must be comma-separated. You can also use relative paths rather than just file names if the audio file is stored within a folder.

To configure this feature, perform the following tasks:

  1. In the same interaction plan as your data source, create a Data Announcer applet.
  2. In Announcement Type, select Audio File. In Announce From, select the data source that contains the required value or values. For more information about the Data Announcer applet, see Data Announcer applet.

The Data Announcer applet uses the value or values in the specified data source to identify an audio file or files to play. If the data source contains a comma-separated list of values, the Data Announcer looks for and plays all corresponding audio files in the order in which they appear. If the audio file or any of the audio files do not exist, the Data Announcer plays no audio and routes the call to the applet specified in the Next Applet on Failure field.