ContactPad with presence

By default, ContactPad displays an agent's state in the state bar. Agents can manually change their major state at any time—available states vary depending on their current activity and on what other features are enabled for their account. An agent's state can also change automatically, also depending on their current activity. For information about agent states, see Agent states.

If the ContactPad presence feature is enabled for your account, ContactPad displays additional information in the state bar. Some features include ContactPad presence, such as priority call handling. For information about priority call handling, see Priority call handling.

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Presence states and interaction states

If enabled for your account, along with the agent's state—more accurately described as their 'presence state'—ContactPad displays the agent's state in relation to any interactions they are working with—their 'interaction state'. This additional information indicates whether the agent is available to work with other interactions:

  • If the agent is in a Ready presence state and not working with an interaction, (Idle) appears in the state bar.
  • If the agent is in a Ready presence state and working with an interaction, (Working) appears in the state bar. Even though the agent is busy, they are still Ready to work, as opposed to being Away from their desk or logged out.
  • If the agent is in a Ready presence state, but has clicked to initiate an outbound interaction, (Offline) appears in the state bar.

Presence and the All tab

Along with presence states and interaction states appearing in ContactPad, the agent's current interaction appears on the All tab in the Information panel.

In the first example, the agent has no active interaction. The agent's presence state is Ready and their interaction state is Idle.
In the second example, the agent is working on an interaction. The agent's presence state is Ready and their interaction state is Working. The time, in mm:ss, since the agent received the interaction appears alongside the interaction.

Wrap time

When the agent ends the interactions, each interaction's wrap time counts down alongside them.

ContactPad presence with no interactionsContactPad presence with a single interaction

Info tab

The content that appears in the Information panel when working without presence now appears on the Info tab within the panel. The content relates to the interaction that the agent is actively working with. For information about the content that appears in the Information panel, see Overview of ContactPad.

Intended states

If the intended state feature is enabled for your account, the ContactPad presence feature also makes intended state changes visible. If an agent changes their intended state while working with an interaction (while in Ready (Working) state), (Intended) appears in the state bar alongside the intended state.

In this example, the agent has changed the state they want to be in—when they finish working with their current interaction—to Extended Away.

Extended Away (Intended)