Troubleshooting Advanced Reporting and Statistics

How do I troubleshoot Advanced Reporting and Statistics?

Each attempt to retrieve Vonage Contact Center data generates a transaction record. The information in these records enable you to troubleshoot any issues in Advanced Reporting and Statistics. A rolling set of up to 2000 transaction records is kept, with the oldest being purged to make way for new ones as the system runs.

To access transaction records, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Setup in Salesforce.
  2. On the left-hand side of the Salesforce window, in the Quick Find field, type 'Installed Packages'.
  3. In the filtered list of items, click Installed PackagesInstalled Packages appears.
  4. Locate and click Vonage Advanced Reporting. Vonage Advanced Reporting (Managed) appears.

  5. Alongside Post Install Instructions, click View.

  6. Click Open Transaction Logs to see a list of all transactions. In Salesforce Classic, transaction records appear in a list view. We recommend that you sort by Name descending to see the most recent records at the top of the list.

Each transaction record represents an API request for call or agent-state statistics. Each record is individually numbered with the prefix TX-. The record contains logging information that indicates the success or failure of the API call.

The following columns in the transactions view contain the most important information to check at this point:

ChannelThe name of the channel for which the transaction was running.

Indicates transactions that encountered a fatal error, such as misconfiguration.

To check the reason for failure for a transaction, click to open the transaction that has failed.

Is Last InboundIndicates the latest transaction that retrieved inbound interaction data for a channel. A maximum of one transaction for each channel should be selected as the last inbound transaction.  
Window End

The DateTime up to which the transaction was fetching data.

Window End does not apply to Conversation Analyzer transactions.
TypeThe type of transaction. Different types of transactions retrieve statistics for interactions, agent activities and Conversation Analyzer data.
Bytes Read

The total number of bytes in data retrieved for all invocations of the Stats API in this transaction. Bytes Read should be a value other than zero for transactions that retrieved interaction, agent state or speech analytics data.

Even when the API does not retrieve any new Vonage Contact Center data to store in Salesforce, Bytes Read may be a number other than zero as an 'empty' API response can still contain a minimal amount of data.

Rows Processed

The total number of events—agent state, outbound or inbound calls, and so on—retrieved from Vonage Contact Center.

If the Rows Processed column for a specific transaction contains 0, no events were retrieved during the transaction.


The peak heap size recorded during the transaction. Salesforce currently allows a maximum of 12 MB.

IntervalWhere API v0 is used, the value of Interval in the row with Is Last Inbound selected, specifies the span of the time window of data to fetch at once for subsequent transactions. Interval contains a whole-minute value expressed in seconds. The default is 900 seconds, which is 15 minutes. For API v3, Interval is self-tuning as the package automatically selects the optimum value to fetch data up to the present time as efficiently as possible.
Summaries Saved

The total number of agent or call summary records created or updated from data retrieved by the transaction.

If the Summaries Saved column for a specific transaction contains 0, no agent or call summary records were created or updated during the transaction.

Click an individual record to open and check the detailed logs. For detail transaction record details, see Transaction logs.