Using dynamic audio in a Universal Contact Distributor (UCD) applet

How do I dynamically select the audio to play to each caller in a skills based router applet?

You can configure a Universal Contact Distributor (UCD) applet to select audio files to play to callers at run time. The UCD applet uses a value or values in a data source to identify the audio file or files to play. You can use dynamic audio in queue announcements, queue music, and whispers. For information about the UCD applet, see Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) or Universal Contact Distributor (UCD) applet.

This feature must be enabled for your account.

For more information about dynamic audio files and preparing to use them, see Dynamic audio files.

Ensure that you have data sources that contain the appropriate values available to the UCD applet. The values in the data sources must match (including the case) the file names of the appropriate audio files. You can also use relative paths rather than just file names if the audio file is stored within a folder.

You can then configure your applet to use the values in the data sources to identify the required audio files.

To configure this feature, perform the following tasks:

  1. In the same interaction plan as your data sources, create an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) applet. You must change the ACD applet into a UCD applet—in Behaviour Type in the ACD section, click Skills Based.
  2. Configure the files used for the following audio:
    • Queue announcements. This audio plays while a call is in a queue. The announcements can include information about breakout options, the caller's position in the queue, and so on.
    • Queue music. This audio plays between announcements while the call is in a queue.
    • Whisper. This audio plays to the agent before the call is accepted. For information about using whispers, see Using whispers.
    To use a dynamic audio file, in the Data Source lists in the applicable sections, click the data source that will contain the audio's file name at run time. To use a static audio file, click Choose a file... in the applicable Generic File column to launch an Open dialog box. Select the audio file that Vonage Contact Center plays in the following circumstances:
    • if you do not select a data source that contains the file name of the audio
    • if the data source you select is invalid
  3. Continue configuring the applet as required and click Update when complete.