Click to dial

Click to dial is a Salesforce feature and is part of Salesforce's OpenCTI API. Click to dial enables an agent to make an outbound call by clicking a number in Salesforce. For information about enabling Click to dial in Salesforce, see Salesforce help.

To enable Click to dial for Vonage Contact Center in Salesforce, you must perform the following tasks:

When Vonage Contact Center is correctly imported and linked to Salesforce, and the agent is logged in to ContactPad, telephone numbers in Salesforce are enabled for click to dial. For information about using Click to dial, see Using Click to dial in Vonage Contact Center in Salesforce.

For Click to dial to successfully make a outbound calls to telephone numbers with extensions, you must ensure that such phone numbers are correctly formatted in Salesforce records. For information about the format required by telephone numbers with extensions, see Format for numbers with extensions for Click to dial.