Payments in ContactPad

Agents can take payments in ContactPad, during an inbound or an outbound call. There are two ways to take payments through ContactPad:

  • Using a payment button in ContactPad
  • Using the Vonage Payment API

For more information about payments in Vonage Contact Center, see Payments in Vonage Contact Center.

ContactPad payment button

If enabled for your account, a payment button appears in ContactPad. Agents can use this button to initiate a secure payment session. There are two types of secure payment sessions: agent assist and digital.

Using the payment button, agents can initiate secure mid-call credit card payments in ContactPad. Both the agent assist and digital secure payments features are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliant payment solutions provided by PCI Pal.

An agent captures basic transaction information in a payment form. When using agent assist secure payments, the agent then transfers the call to a secure third party solution and the caller provides their payment details using their telephone keypad. When using digital secure payments, the agent sends the caller a link to a secure payment form and the caller provides their payment details in that form.

During a payment session of other type, the conversation can continue between the agent and the customer, however the agent cannot see the numbers entered or hear the individual tones for numbers entered. Stopping the agent from seeing or hearing entered numbers prevents any PCI information from reaching VCC.

No credit card details are recorded anywhere in Vonage Contact Center. If the call is being recorded, in the case of agent assist payments, recording will be suspended when the call is transferred to the PCI Pal solution and resumed when the payment session has been completed.

For information about using the payment button in ContactPad, see Taking payments in ContactPad using the payment button.

Vonage Payment API

If enabled, you can implement your own solution for taking payments during a call. In addition to taking payments, the API offers features such as getting information for the online form from a backend system—such as a CRM—or updating the system with the payment result.

You can also use the Payment API to send a payment link to a client who is not on the call. The client can use the link for up to 72 hours to make a payment. The result of their payment can be delivered—using webhooks—back to the CRM or other backend system.

The Payment API is intended for use by developers, engineers and anyone else who is comfortable integrating APIs. For information about Vonage's Payment API, see Payment API.