ContactPad with Screen Lock for Vonage Contact Center

The Screen Lock for Vonage Contact Center extension can update an agent's state whenever their computer locks—either manually by the agent or automatically due to inactivity.

By default, with or without the extension, when an agent's computer locks, the agent's state in ContactPad remains unchanged. Vonage Contact Center (VCC) will continue to deliver interactions based on the agent's ContactPad state. If the agent was available to handle interactions before their computer locks, VCC may deliver interactions that the agent is not able to handle while their computer is locked.

Using the extension, an agent can ensure that their state is updated whenever their computer locks. The agent can choose from Away, Extended Away or Log Out states, plus any minor states within these major states. Changing the agent's state to one of these states will prevent VCC from delivering interactions that the agent is unable to handle because their computer is locked.

For information about installing and configuring Screen Lock for Vonage Contact Center, see Using ContactPad with Screen Lock.


Your agents must use the extension in the most recent version of Google Chrome™ for Windows and Mac OS X.