Disposition codes

Disposition codes describe the outcome of an interaction. The following list contains examples of possible disposition codes:

  • No answer
  • Sent documentation
  • Call again in 7 days
  • Wrong number

You can use disposition codes in various ways, such as reporting on agent or team activity, or ensuring that any further action relating to the interaction is taken.

Disposition codes in Vonage Contact Center

If the Call Logging feature is enabled for your account, admin users can create disposition codes for your account in the Call Logging area of Vonage Contact Center.

For information about creating disposition codes in Call Logging, see Call Logging.

Agents can add disposition codes to interactions in three ways, depending on which features are configured for your account:

  • Using ContactPad. If enabled for your account, agents can add a disposition code using ContactPad. For more information, see Logging an interaction in ContactPad.
  • Using the Web API. For information about using the Web API to set disposition codes, see Setting disposition code for the call.
  • Using the Log a Call area in Salesforce. If you are using Vonage Contact Center in Salesforce, you can configure your integration to enable agents to set a disposition code during or after an interaction.

    For more information, see Disposition codes in VCC in Salesforce.

Disposition codes in VCC in Salesforce

Voice interactions only

Agents can set a disposition code using the Salesforce Log a Call area for voice interactions only.

If you have integrated VCC into Salesforce, your Salesforce administrators can add a disposition code field to the Log a Call area. For information about adding a disposition code field to the Log a Call area in Salesforce and using the enforced disposition codes feature, see Configuring disposition codes for Vonage Contact Center in Salesforce.

Agents can then select the disposition code while taking notes either during or after a voice interaction. For information about setting a disposition code using Log a Call in Salesforce, see Setting disposition codes for Vonage Contact Center in Salesforce.

Enforced disposition codes feature

If the enforced disposition codes feature is enabled for your account, you can ensure that agents always provide a disposition code for an interaction. The feature prevents Vonage Contact Center from assigning the next interaction to an agent until the agent has provided a code for their previous interaction. In addition, agents can be prevented from making outbound interactions until they have provided a code.

For information about configuring the enforced disposition codes feature in Vonage Contact Center, see Configuring enforced disposition codes.

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