Testing your web service interaction definition

Using the Web Service interface in a Data Connector, to get data from or send data to an external web service you must define the interaction between Vonage Contact Center and the web service. For information defining the interaction, see Retrieving data from and sending data to a Web Service. If enabled for your account, you can test your interaction definition before you save the Data Connector applet.

You cannot test web service interactions that you have defined using a template.

After defining the interaction in the Interaction Definition field, to test your definition, firstly provide example values for any placeholders you have included in the definition. Click Define Placeholders to populate the test area with any specified placeholders.

A list of placeholders and corresponding Value fields appears. The Define Placeholders button is replaced with a Refresh Placeholders button.

If you have not used any placeholders, no placeholders appear. You do not need to define any placeholders.

Type example values into the Value fields alongside each of the placeholders.

(If you change your interaction definition, click Refresh Placeholders to refresh the list of placeholders and fields.)

Click Run Test. Vonage Contact Center sends a request to the specified web service, using your example values in place of placeholders. The results of the request appear.

Destination data source

The names of the data sources that Vonage Contact Center would populate with values from the response if example values were used.

ValueThe response values that Vonage Contact Center would store in the destination data sources.
Issue(s)Any issues encountered while sending the request to the web service, or handling the response.
Response from web serviceThe full response received from the web service when called with the example values supplied. If an error is returned, the response appears in red text.