Creating a call plan to use Global Voice Assurance

When the Global Voice Assurance feature is available for your account, any call plans ending with a Universal Contact Distributor (UCD) applet can benefit from the feature; all your existing call plan logic will work. The automatic benefit to your call plans is that—because all your agents are configured in the same Vonage Contact Center instance—your plans have access to all your global agents. You no longer need to transfer the call to another Vonage Contact Center instance in another region to route calls to those agents. For information about Global Voice Assurance, see Global Voice Assurance.

To use Global Voice Assurance for outbound calls, you must set the telephony region for your agents. For information about setting an agent's telephony region, see Setting the telephony region for an agent.

How do I configure a call plan to use Global Voice Assurance for inbound calls?

To get the maximum benefit out of the Global Voice Assurance feature, use skills to preferentially route calls to agents in the region closest to the incoming call. If no agents are available in the closest region, the estimated wait time is too long, or after a configurable period of time, you can route the call to agents in an alternative region. The following examples benefit both from all agents being in one Vonage Contact Center instance, and from local calls wherever possible.

Within your call plan, use a Skill Tagger applet to tag an incoming call with a regional skill based on the telephone number that the customer dialed. Alternatively use a Data Connector applet to determine the location of current caller first, and then use a Skill Tagger applet to tag the call based on their location. In both cases, set the regional skill to expire, after which Vonage Contact Center can route the call to the next most suitable agent in a different region. Your call plan must end with a UCD applet.

Global Voice Assurance only works with Universal Contact Distributor (UCD) applets. For information about UCD applets, see Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) or Universal Contact Distributor (UCD) applet.