Call notifications

Vonage Contact Center can send both visual and audible notifications to your browser to alert you to incoming, missed, or priority calls. Notifications are especially useful if your phone is on silent, or if ContactPad is not currently visible on your desktop.

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Visual notifications

The first time Vonage Contact Center tries to send you a visual browser notification, your browser will ask you to allow notifications. Click to allow notifications.

The notification appears in the lower-right corner (Windows) or upper-right corner (Mac) of your computer's desktop in your primary monitor. If you block notifications, notifications will not appear.

If you later need to block or allow notifications, click the padlock icon alongside the URL in the address bar. An information box appears.

  • In Chrome, in the list alongside Notifications, click the required option.
  • In Firefox, click Permissions. In the new webpage that opens, click to select or clear Block pop-up windows as required.

Click a notification to focus on the browser tab which initiated the notification. Clicking also closes, or dismisses, a notification.

Browser notifications only work with calls, not other types of interactions.

Browser notifications do not work in incognito or private browsing mode.

Browser notifications appear and behave slightly differently depending on which browser you are using.

If you have multiple tabs in the same browser you will only get one notification of each type (incoming call, missed call, priority call). If you have multiple supported browsers open—for example, Chrome and Firefox—you will get multiple notifications which may overlap each other.

Incoming calls

When you are assigned an inbound call and your phone begins to ring, if enabled for your account, Vonage Contact Center sends an incoming call notification to your browser.

In Firefox, the incoming call notification appears for up to 10 seconds.
In Chrome, the incoming call notification remains until the call is answered, rejected, or missed. If missed, the incoming call notification is replaced with a missed call notification. 

Missed calls

If you miss an inbound call, the incoming call notification is replaced with a missed call notification.

In Firefox, the missed call notification appears for up to 10 seconds.
In Chrome, the missed call notification remains until you click to dismiss it.

Notifications of subsequent incoming calls appear in addition to the missed call notification. If you miss any of these calls, you do not receive additional missed call notifications.

Priority calls

When Vonage Contact Center routes a call to your personal queue, Vonage Contact Center sends a priority call notification to your browser. For information about personal queues, see Personal queues. If priority call handling is enabled for your account, you will also receive a priority call notification when a priority call is routed to the applicable virtual queue. For information about priority calls, see Priority call handling.

In Firefox, the priority call notification appears for up to 10 seconds.
In Chrome, the priority call notification remains for as long as you are eligible to handle the priority call; that is, until you answer the call, another agent answers the call, or until the personal queue or tagged skills time out.


If you want to set a value other than the caller's CLID to appear in the priority call notification, you can configure a display name. For information about setting a display name, see Setting a display name for an inbound call.

Audible notifications

If enabled for your account, along with a visual notification, when a priority call is routed to you, the browser will play an audible chime. The chime will be played in your default output device.

If you do not hear the chime, your browser may have blocked web audio from playing automatically. To enable audible notifications in your browser, in your browser's settings, add * to the list of sites that are allowed to play sound. Refer to your browser's help for information about how to do this.

Supported browsers

Vonage Contact Center browser notifications are enabled for the following browsers:

  • Mozilla® Firefox®, latest version
  • Google Chrome™, latest version
  • Microsoft® Edge
  • Safari®

If you are using any other browser, visual notifications may not appear and audible notifications may not be played.

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