Setting post-call named route

If enabled for your account, when a call has ended—all parties have hung up—you can initiate a named route. All data sources—including Call Guid, CLID, Dialled Number, Language, and InteractionOutcome—associated with the call are available to the named route.

Use applets in the target named route to perform many different post-call tasks. You can configure the post-call named route, for example, to send an SMS message to the caller with details of an order placed during the call or to log call statistics for marketing purposes.

You can only set a post-call named route for telephone numbers.

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) or Universal Contact Distributor (UCD) applets require a current call or interaction therefore ACD or UCD applets in your post-call named route do not work.

To set the post-call named route, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Architect (within Interaction Plans). For information on accessing Interaction Plans Architect, see Accessing Interaction Plans Architect.
  2. In the Phone Number Configuration section, optionally filter the list of available telephone numbers. Select the number for which you are setting the post-call named route. Click Display Selection.
    The Applet List, Applet Manager, Transfer Manager, and Service and visualisation areas appear in the Phone Number Directory section.

  3. Alongside Applet Manager, click Show.
    The Applet Manager area expands.

    To set the post-call named route, in the Set Post-Call Named Route list, select the named route you want to initiate when the call ends.
  4. Click Set. The post-call named route is set.


Within a post-call named route, applicable applets can use the InteractionOutcome data source which contains the outcome of the interaction. For more information, see Interaction outcomes.