Viewing disposition codes in Dashboards

Agents can provide disposition codes during and after calls. Disposition codes give a brief summary of the outcome of an interaction. Using Dashboards, you can display provided disposition codes.

Inbound calls only

Disposition code data in Dashboards is only available for inbound calls.

For information about adding a disposition code to a call in ContactPad, see Logging an interaction in ContactPad.

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How do I display disposition codes in Dashboards?

You can configure the following widgets to display audio problems:

Big Number

Configure Big Number widgets to display:

  • The number of agents who added disposition codes. Each agent is counted only once regardless of how many disposition codes they have logged.
  • The number of interactions that agents added disposition codes for. Only one disposition code can be stored for each interaction.


Configure Donut widgets to display counts of interactions and agents as in Big Number widgets with additional disposition code name data. The legend can show the number of agents who have reported each disposition code or the number of interactions the agents have added each disposition code for.


Configure List widgets to display reported disposition codes by interaction or by agent. You can display the disposition code name and count for agents and the disposition code name for interactions. Reported disposition codes appear in a comma-separated list, with the most recently added code first.