Interaction Content

In the Interaction Content area of the Vonage Contact Center (VCC) Admin Portal, you can search for content related to interactions, that is, interaction content. The search returns interaction content for both inbound and outbound calls. The following interaction content is currently available:

  • Audio recording—when the audio for a call is recorded, an audio recording file is available and is indicated by a microphone icon.

  • Screen recording—if the agent’s screen was recorded, a screen recording file is available. The screen recording is indicated by a camera icon and contains a video of the agent’s screen, or screens, for the duration of the interaction.

  • Analyzed call—if Conversation Analyzer is enabled for your account, an analyzed call is indicated by a document icon. Along with the audio file—and screen recording file, if available—an analyzed call includes additional data, such as an overview, a call time breakdown, a category filter and a conversation transcript. For information about Conversation Analyzer, see Conversation Analyzer.

Interaction content is subject to data retention settings. These settings define the frequency with which VCC automatically deletes the content files from an account. For more information, see Data Retention.

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