Vonage Contact Center feature retirement

Along with the exciting new functionality added to the product with every release, we are also working to retire older parts of the product. The removal of functionality within our product is completed in up to these stages:

Intent to deprecate

This is an optional stage that gives users early warning of our intent to deprecate functionality. It is most commonly used when an alternative is announced, and gives users the ability to migrate ahead of the functionality becoming deprecated. At this stage we encourage customers to stop using the mentioned product functionality, and migrate to an alternative.


This indicates that a piece of functionality is no longer supported. The functionality will continue to work, but no new enhancements or bug fixes will be made (with the exception of security vulnerabilities) and new functionality may not be compatible. We commonly announced the target End of Life date when deprecating. At this stage customers must stop using the mentioned product functionality, and migrate to an alternative.

End of life

The date in which we will remove functionality is referred to as the End of Life. After this date the functionality will either cease working entirely, or become completely unsupported.

VCC release schedule

Spring: between March and April

Summer: between July and August

Winter: between October and November

The Winter release is announced with a suffix of the subsequent year, for example Winter '21 is released November 2020.



Intent to deprecate



Interaction Content API - Version 2
Summer '20First half of 2022

Statistics API (V0)

Spring '20


Download call recordings (SFTP)

Summer '20

Spring '21

First half of 2022

Insights Stats API -  GET /agent-summaries
Summer '20Second half of 2021

Insights Stats API - Version 2

Winter ‘21

Second half of 2021

Copy Interaction Plans
Summer ‘21Winter ‘22
Salesforce Log a Call - Page Layout support for Lightning Console Apps
Summer ‘21Winter ‘22
Salesforce Log a Call - Classic Support
Summer ‘21Winter ‘22
SOAP Interaction applet
Summer ‘21Winter ‘22

Call Recordings (search page)

Summer '20

Summer ‘21 (September, 6, 2021)

Real Time Admin Functions
Spring '21Summer ‘21 (September, 6, 2021)

Skill Management

Summer '20

Summer ‘21 (September, 6, 2021)

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

Summer '20

January 1, 2021

Summer ‘21 (September, 1, 2021)

Support for Excel 2000 and 2003 formats within Stats and Reports
Spring '20Summer ‘21

CRM Call Connect Router applet

Winter ‘21

CRM Take Message applet

Winter ‘21

Agent PINs

Summer '20

Cloud-based URLs

Summer '20

Winter ‘21

CRM Send SMS applet

Winter ‘21

Salesforce Packages





Vonage Contact Center in Salesforce

20.105 or higher20.104 or lower

18.250 or lower

Vonage Contact Center Connect

20.106 or higher20.105 or lower

18.259 or lower

Vonage Contact Center Advanced Reporting

2.65 or higher2.64 or lower

2.56 or lower

* These packages will be in Retired stage from Winter '22