Using data sources in interaction plans

Many applets in Interaction Plans Architect use values retrieved by other applets to locate audio files, other values, or records in third-party systems. These values are stored in data sources and enable you to dynamically configure applets.

You can also include values in data sources in Dashboards. For information about using data sources in Dashboards, see Viewing mapped data source data in Dashboards.

You can use any applet that stores data in a data source to create the data sources. The following applets create data sources:

You can also use an existing data source; by default, all calls have the following data sources available:

  • Call Guid
  • CLID
  • Dialled Number

    The Dialled Number ($(DialledNumber)) data source contains the ID of the interaction plan rather than its phone number. The ID and the phone number will often be the same, but this is not guaranteed. Therefore you should not use $(DialledNumber) to indicate the number dialed by the caller.

  • Language
  • First Agent ID

    First Agent ID is only populated after Vonage Contact Center has routed the call through an ACD applet to an agent.

  • DisplayName. By default, DisplayName contains the CLID of the inbound caller. For information about using a custom value in the DisplayName data source, see Setting a display name for an inbound call.
  • InteractionOutcome. By default, InteractionOutcome contains the outcome of the interaction. For information about interaction outcomes, see Interaction outcomes.
  • Interaction Start Time. The time, in UTC, that the interaction starts. For callbacks, InteractionStartTime will be the start of the original interaction.

If you use a post-call named route for post-interaction processing, all data sources configured at the time the interaction finishes (including InteractionOutcome) are available to the target named route.

You can configure the following applets to use data source values:

In your interaction plan, you must ensure that interactions are routed through the applets that set required values in data sources before the applets that use the values.