Making an outbound call

Making an outbound call using ContactPad occurs in two stages:

  1. Vonage Contact Center dials your phone, and your state changes to Busy Outbound. You must answer this call.
  2. When you answer the call, Vonage Contact Center dials the number you provide.
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How do I make an outbound call?

To make an outbound call, perform the following steps:

  1. In ContactPad, click Make Call. Your state changes automatically to Ready for Outbound. In this state you are temporarily removed from any of the inbound queues you serve, giving you time to look up the contact number you wish to dial or read through your notes to prepare for your outbound call.
  2. A new dialog boxappears with two choices:

    • Number. To call someone on another telephone number, click Number.

    • Agent. To call another agent, click Agent.

    If your account has one or more callback numbers defined, you can also select a callback number. This callback number is the number that is presented to the person you are calling. For information about callback numbers, see Callback numbers. You can set the default callback number in ContactPad. For information on setting the default callback number, see Setting the default callback number for outbound calls.

    Make call dialog

  3. Depending on which option you select, perform one of the following steps:

    • Type the full landline or mobile telephone number, including area code and international code if required, or short code.

      To find out what format you need to provide this number in, ask your supervisor.

      Click Dial to connect to the number.
      Your telephone rings, and when you answer you hear ringing until you are connected to the target number.

    • Select the required agent in the list of agents—you can only select an agent who is in the Ready state and appears in bold type. Click Dial to connect to the agent.
      Your telephone rings, and when you answer you hear ringing until you are connected to the agent.

      Internal call

      By default, when you make an outbound call that is an internal call to another voice-enabled user in your account, that user's name will appear in the information panel.

How do I end an outbound call?

You end your outbound call in the same way as you would end an inbound call. For information on ending calls, see Working with an inbound call. The only difference is that all outbound calls receive the same amount of wrap up time, as set by your supervisor, while inbound calls receive a wrap up time that depends on the type of inbound call.

Outbound call failures

When you make an outbound call, you might see receive error messages in the ContactPad message panel.  

These messages help you understand why calls have failed, so you can try another number, or arrange a later callback.  

If messages persist, report a fault on your phone line to your Supervisor.

You can receive one of these three error messages:

  • Unable to place call to agent. Please try again This error occurs if your line is already in use, your line has a fault, or your telephone number is incorrect.


    Your supervisor should be able to identify any causes. If the above error messages persist you may have a problem with your phone and you should contact your supervisor to diagnose.

  • Unable to place call to dialled number. Please try again This error occurs if you have provided an invalid number. Check the number you want to dial, ensuring that you provide the correct national or international code.
  • Unable to place call - dialled number did not answer This error occurs if no one answers the phone after a configurable length of time—between 15 seconds and 3 minutes.

Error messages

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