Video and screen sharing (Visual Engagement)

Add-on feature

This feature is an add-on feature. To get this add-on, contact your Vonage Contact Center account manager.

Visual Engagement enables agents to interact with their customers visually. Using Visual Engagement, agents can escalate interactions from phone calls, cases, or emails to video interactions. Using video interactions, agents can help customers in a new way, either by sharing their own screen or viewing the customer's shared screen. Visual Engagement is fully integrated within Vonage Contact Center (VCC) and therefore provides a unified experience for the customers.

For an agent to use Visual Engagement, the feature must be enabled for your account and for that agent within your account. When the agent initiates a video and screen sharing session from ContactPad, a video meeting opens in Vonage Meetings. For information about Vonage Meetings, see Vonage Meetings. The agent must send an invitation or a link to that video meeting to their customer.

The agent and customer can use the video meeting to talk with or without video, and either party can click to share their entire screen, application window, or Chrome tab.

Shared screen

For more information about using video and screen sharing, see Using video and sharing your screen.

Supervisors can see Visual Engagement interactions in Dashboards. For information about viewing visual engagement interaction in Dashboards, see Viewing video interactions in Dashboards.

Visual Engagement interactions will also appear in Insight Stats API and Salesforce Reporting.


  • Only agents can initiate video interactions.
  • SMS invitations are currently delivered from a Vonage-owned telephone number. You cannot change this number.
  • Video meetings currently display Vonage branding. You cannot change this branding.
  • Video interactions are not currently recorded.
  • Visual Engagement is currently available only in English.
  • Visual Engagement only works with multi-interaction ContactPad.