Using Cadence as a supervisor

Supervisors use Cadence to define the process that reps must follow when working with prospects. Supervisors can perform the following tasks:

  • Create and edit a cadence
    • Set the working mode for the cadence
    • Create cadence steps (phone calls and actions)
      • Provide instructions for steps
      • Add transitions to steps based on the outcome of the previous step
      • Set the interval between steps
      • Define positive and negative remove conditions for prospects in a step
  • Delete a cadence
  • Create and edit a prospect list
    • Add prospect list to a cadence
    • Select a dial list to source the prospects from
    • Set a refresh rate for the list
    • Set the ordering of prospects in the list
    • Set priority of the list (within associated cadence)
    • Set ownership of prospects
    • Assign reps to prospect lists
  • Delete a prospect list

Supervisors can also monitor the progress of prospects.