Using video and sharing your screen

Visual Engagement enables agents to escalate interactions—calls, cases, or emails—to video. Using video interactions, agents can help customers in a new way by sharing their own screen or viewing the customer's shared screen. Visual Engagement is integrated within Vonage Contact Center (VCC) and provides a unified experience for the customers.

For more information about video and screen sharing, see Video and screen sharing (Visual Engagement).

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How do I use video and share my screen or view my customer's screen?

If enabled for your account, a video button appears in ContactPad.

Video button

You can click this button during an outbound interaction or when you are not working with an interaction. When you click the button, an Invite and join meeting dialog box appears.

Invite and join meeting

From this dialog box, you can send an SMS invitation to a video meeting to your customer's telephone number. Type telephone number into the Phone number field in E.164 format and click Send meeting link. For information about E.164 format, see Telephone number formats in Vonage Contact Center in Salesforce. If you provide a telephone number in national format an error will appear in ContactPad. Alternatively you can click Copy customer link to copy the meeting link and send the invitation in a different way, for example, using email.

When you have sent an invitation or link to your customer, click Join join the video meeting.

Outbound video interaction

When you click the video button—at the same time as the Invite and join meeting dialog box appears—an outbound video interaction is created. This interaction appears in ContactPad.

Video interaction

When a video interaction is in progress, the video button is green. You will not receive any other interactions while the video interaction is in progress.

If you need to resend the SMS invitation or link at any time, click the video button in ContactPad again.

When you click Join, the meeting opens in a new browser tab.

Join meeting

Type your name in Enter your name and then click Join Meeting to join the meeting. You will join a Vonage Meetings video meeting.

Share screen

While in the video meeting, either you or your customer can click Screen Share. You can share an entire screen, application window, or Chrome tab. For more information about Vonage Meetings, see Vonage Meetings.

When you have finished using video and sharing your screen—or viewing your customer's screen—you can close the browser tab that the meeting is in or click End. You must also click Release in ContactPad to end the interaction in VCC. If you do not release the interaction, you will not receive any other interactions.

What does my customer experience?

The customer receives a link to the video meeting in an SMS or in, for example, an email. You customer's experience depends on where they click or tap the link:

  • If they click the link on a computer, the video meeting opens in a new browser tab. Your customer can enter their name and click to join the meeting.
  • If they tap the link on a mobile device:
    • If they have downloaded the Vonage Business Communication app, the video meeting opens in the app.
    • If they have not downloaded the Vonage Business Communication app, the video meeting opens in their mobile phone browser. Your customer is presented with the options to either join the meeting using the app—they must download the app first—or join the meeting by dialing in. If they choose to dial in to the meeting, you will not be able to use video or share your screens.