Virtual Assistant (Virtual Agent)

Add-on feature

This feature is an add-on feature. To get this add-on, contact your Vonage Contact Center account manager.

Virtual Assistant uses artificial intelligence (AI) to interpret a customer's questions and ask clarifying questions to formulate the appropriate response. That response may reference content from an FAQ, propose an action to update or read customer data, or route the call to a real agent using an appropriate interaction plan.

Virtual Assistant uses AI to interact with the other party—the customer—on the interaction. Currently only phone interactions can be routed to Virtual Assistant when using VCC.

To route interactions to Virtual Assistant, you must configure an interaction plan that includes a Virtual Agent applet. Virtual Assistant uses a Vonage AI flow to interact with the other party—the customer—on the interaction. For information about configuring an interaction plan for the Virtual Assistant feature, see Setting up Virtual Assistant (Virtual Agent).