Interaction outcomes

An interaction outcome describes the state of an interaction when it ends. The interaction outcome is stored in a data source, InteractionOutcome.

For information about data sources, see Using data sources in interaction plans.

The InteractionOutcome data source will be one of the following values:

  • HangUpIVR. The interaction ended before entering a queue.
  • Delivered. The queue delivered the interaction to an agent.


    Delivered callbacks will have an outcome of Delivered.
  • HangUpInQueue. The interaction finished within the queue.

  • Breakout. The caller broke out of the queue voluntarily.
  • QueueTimeout. The interaction was removed from the queue based on your Queue Duration Timeout configuration.
  • NoAgentsLoggedIn. The interaction was removed from the queue based on your No Agents Breakout configuration.
  • MaxEstimatedWaitTime. The interaction was removed from the queue based on your Estimated Wait Time Breakout configuration.
  • AgentRejected. The agent rejected the interaction which was a personal call.
  • Callback. The interaction left the queue and ended after reaching a callback applet.
  • CallbackQueued. The virtual interaction which queued on behalf of a caller.
  • Other. The max queue length was exceeded.

Custom InteractionOutcomes

You can use InteractionOutcomes to record other outcomes, such as transferring a call to a Call Connect Router. To do so, set the InteractionOutcome data source to any other custom value. If the data source is empty at the end of the interaction, InteractionOutcome is set automatically to one of the listed outcomes.


Delivered callbacks are not visible within dashboards. Where a callback has been generated, you will see a maximum of two interactions, with the following outcomes:

  • Callback
  • CallbackQueued

In a post-call named route, you can use the InteractionOutcome data source to determine any further processing required. For information about post-call named routes, see Setting post-call named route.

To see interaction outcomes in Dashboards, you need to create a data source mapping. For information about creating data source mappings and viewing mapped data source data in Dashboards, see Using Data Source Mappings and Viewing mapped data source data in Dashboards.