Using Vonage Contact Center for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Using Vonage in Microsoft Dynamics, all inbound and outbound calls are logged against the ticket that you select or create. When you receive an inbound call or make an outbound call, you must ensure that you open or create an appropriate ticket against which Vonage can log the call. You can access an existing ticket through a screen pop, by searching Microsoft Dynamics, or through the associated user record.

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How do I use ContactPad in Microsoft Dynamics?

Whenever you log into Microsoft Dynamics, ContactPad appears on the right-hand side of the screen within Hubs and on the Left in Agent Workspace.

If you cannot see ContactPad, contact your supervisor as you might not be in the required user role.

To use ContactPad, you must log in. For information about logging into ContactPad, see Logging in to ContactPad.

Using ContactPad you can now operate Microsoft Dynamics and handle Vonage phone calls in a single browser window. For information about using ContactPad, see Getting started with ContactPad.

What happens when I receive an inbound call in Microsoft Dynamics using Vonage?

When you use ContactPad to receive calls using Vonage in Microsoft Dynamics, you get the same functionality as you would using ContactPad with Vonage. For information about receiving calls using ContactPad, see Working with an inbound call.

In addition to this standard functionality, Vonage also logs the inbound call against a Microsoft Dynamics Phone call record. 

When Vonage connects the inbound call to an agent, Vonage looks for any existing records that are associated with the inbound telephone number in Microsoft Dynamics. If one or more records are found, Vonage pops a list containing the record or records. Vonage will prioritize popping a contact wherever possible

If no record is found Vonage pops an empty list.

If the IVR has identified a record within the IVR that is believed to be the best record for you to help the customer, this will be popped in front of the agent. Within the Dynamics Hub experience, this will pop directly in front of the agent, within Workspace a new session will be created and include the popped record as a new tab

How do I make outbound Click to dial calls using Vonage in Microsoft Dynamics?

Using Vonage in Microsoft Dynamics you can make outbound calls using ContactPad in the standard way. For information on making outbound calls using ContactPad, see Making an outbound call.

In addition to this standard functionality, you can also make outbound calls using the Click to dial feature. The Click to dial feature in Vonage in Microsoft Dynamics saves you time and avoids you from making mistakes when manually entering the phone number. Vonage also logs the call against a Microsoft Dynamics phone call record—when you use Click to dial from a record, Vonage automatically logs the call against that record.

To use Click to dial, click the click-to-dial button next to a phone field within the Dynamics record. In the same way, as if you click Make Call in ContactPad, your state changes to Busy Outbound. Next your telephone rings and, when you answer, you hear ringing until you are connected to the number that you clicked to dial.