ContactPad address book

When an agent clicks to make a call to, consult with, or transfer to another party, ContactPad's address book opens. The agent can either type in a telephone number or click one of the existing contact types. Depending on which features are enabled for your account, the address book will contain different contact types:

Contact typeIconMake callConsults and transfers
Inbound callsOutbound calls

Icon color indicates the availability of each agent.



In enabled for your account, all queues appear.


Interaction plans

By default, interaction plans do not appear in ContactPad.

If enabled for your account, all interaction plans will appear.

Interaction Plans Manager

You can optionally restrict individual interaction plans from appearing, by configuring in Interaction Plans Manager. For information about configuring interaction plans to appear in ContactPad, see the How do I create a new interaction plan? section in Using Interaction Plans Architect.
Short codes

Short codes must be configured to appear in ContactPad. For information about configuring short codes to appear in ContactPad, see Configuring short codes.

For more information about how the agent interact with the address book, see Making and receiving calls in ContactPad.