Right to be Forgotten

Vonage Contact Center now supports the ability for you to raise any 'right to be forgotten (RTBF)' requests made by your customers. This feature anonymizes or removes the personal data stored in VCC databases in a permanent, irrevocable, one-way change. This data includes call recordings and their related data, for example, transcriptions, and voicemails. The underlying data still supports your statistics in Vonage Contact Center but can no longer be tied to the customer who raised the request.

Records, containing personal data, that can be deleted are permanently removed.

Records, containing personal data, that cannot be deleted—for example, some records are required for correct reporting in Stats and Reports—have any personal data permanently anonymized. In such cases, the personal data is replaced with a token. The original personal data can never be retrieved from the token.

Data from third parties that is stored in data sources and then mapped to a single name (using Data Source Mappings), cannot be anonymized or deleted at this time.

Vonage Contact Center processes any requests within the bounds of your currently logged in account only, so if you have multiple accounts you may need to raise the request in each account to ensure complete coverage.

Only supervisors have the ability to raise RTBF requests.

For information about raising requests to process your customers' right to be forgotten requests, see Raising a Right to be Forgotten request for Vonage to process.