Linking Vonage Contact Center to a Salesforce account

To make and receive calls using Vonage Contact Center in Salesforce, you link Vonage Contact Center (VCC) to a Salesforce user account. The Salesforce user account must be an API user account. VCC uses the linked account to log in to Salesforce and perform automated actions. These automated actions include looking for a Salesforce record and creating a task at the end of a call.

The API user must have enough privileges to allow the automated actions. For information about permissions that the API user needs, see ContactWorld API user permissions.

API only user and multi-factor authentication

From February 1, 2022, Salesforce will require users—other than API only users—to have multi-factor authentication enabled. We recommend that you make the API user an API Only user and do not enable multi-factor authentication for that user. The API Only user will not be able to access the Salesforce user interface.

For information about this change in Salesforce, see Salesforce Multi-Factor Authentication FAQ (Salesforce help).
For information about how to create the API Only user in Salesforce, see Create a secure Salesforce API user (Salesforce help).

You can connect an API user account to a maximum of five VCC accounts. If you have more than five accounts, you must create more than one Salesforce API user account.

You only need to perform this task once for your account. When you link VCC to a Salesforce account, VCC and Salesforce create unique keys to form the link. VCC does not store any Salesforce credentials.

How do I link VCC to a Salesforce account?

To link VCC to your Salesforce account, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to VCC. For information about logging in to VCC, see Logging in to the Vonage Contact Center Admin Portal.

  2. Go to Salesforce or CRM Admin (within Business Apps), depending on which appears. If you cannot see either and think you should be able to, contact support. Salesforce or CRM Admin appears.

    The Salesforce account credentials area displays one of three statuses:

    • Unlinked. You have not linked VCC to a Salesforce account.
    • Linked. You have already linked Vonage Contact Center to a Salesforce account. You can relink Vonage Contact Center to a different Salesforce org or use a different API user. You do not need to relink.
    • Legacy. You have already linked your account to VCC using a legacy method. We recommend that you relink VCC using this new method.
  3. Click Link or Relink and, in the drop-down list that appears, click Production or Sandbox depending on whether you want to link to a production org or a sandbox org. A Salesforce login page opens in a new browser window.

  4. Log in to your Salesforce org as your API user. In the same browser window, a Salesforce Allow Access? page appears.

    You must log in to Salesforce directly as the API user.

    When you are logged in to Salesforce as an administrator, you are able to log in as another user. You must not use this method to log in as your API user due to Salesforce security. For information about logging in as another user and the related security measure, see Salesforce help.

  5. Click Allow to enable VCC to access your Salesforce org using the API user's credentials. The Salesforce browser window closes.

  6. In VCC, the Salesforce page updates, and your Salesforce account credentials appear. Your status is Linked.

To unlink your account, click Unlink. A message appears to inform you that your Salesforce integration will no longer work. The Salesforce Administration page updates and the status of your Salesforce account credentials is Unlinked.