Overview of Interaction Plans Architect

Interaction Plans Architect enables you to construct your ideal interaction flow, using applets. Applets are discrete sub-modules of code that you can assemble in any order to create a fully featured interaction flow in Vonage Contact Center. Think of applets as Lego bricks that you can combine to create an endless variety of constructions.

Applets contain various parameters so that you can customize each applet as required. An interaction plan is a collection of applets configured for a dialed number or named route. An interaction plan was previously called a call plan. Interaction plans are used for all types of interactions, not just calls. For more information about interactions and interaction plans, see Interactions and interaction plans.

An interaction plan can span more than one number or named route using the Shim Calling applet, but these numbers and named routes are always within the same account. For information about the Shim Calling applet, see Shim Calling applet.

For information on using Interaction Plans Architect, see Using Interaction Plans Architect. For information about the available applets, see Interaction Plans Architect reference.