Call Recording applet

The Call Recording applet stores a recording of the call routed through the applet in Interaction Content. You can access call recordings in the Interaction Content area of the VCC Admin Portal.

You can only use this applet in an interaction plan that routes calls, and not other types of interactions.

After making any changes to the applet, you must click the corresponding Update button, or buttons, to save your changes. Changes in other sections are NOT saved when you click an Update button in another section, so update the modified field or fields before making changes in other sections.

Recording and Routing Options

Delay start of call recording until transferYes, No

Determines whether or not to delay the recording until the call is connected to an agent.

Select Yes to delay the recording until the caller is connected to an agent.

Select No to start the recording immediately.

Call Recording ActionStart, Pause, Resume

Determines whether the applet is starting, pausing, or resuming the recording. For example, you can pause the recording while the caller provides sensitive information that you do not want to store. You must have already started recording in another Call Recording applet to pause the recording, and then use another Call Recording applet later to resume the recording.

Following Call Recording next applet isList of available appletsThe applet that the call is routed to after starting, pausing, or resuming the recording.
View MatrixClickOpens Call Recordings.

The call recording does not include whispers.

Recording and Routing Options