Changing an announcement remotely

Sometimes you might need to change the announcement that plays when a call is routed through a specific announcement applet.

This feature only works with calls, not other types of interactions.

Using the Announcement Configuration System you can record a new announcement very quickly, and remotely.

To change an announcement remotely, call the special phone number provided for this purpose, and follow the instructions you hear:

  1. Enter the telephone number and corresponding PIN number on your telephone keypad for which you want to change the announcement. For information about where to find and set your PIN number, see Editing Configuration (Account Settings).
  2. Press the number on your telephone keypad that corresponds to the Announcement applet that contains the announcement that you want to change.
  3. Record the new message.

Now, when a call is routed to the selected announcement applet, the caller will hear your new announcement.

For information on the telephone numbers to access the Announcement Configuration System, see Useful telephone numbers.