Configuring agent states

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How do I add a new existing agent state?

Agent states track an agent's activity and make an agent available to take calls. For more information about agent states, see Agent states.

If your account is enabled to do so, you can add new minor agent states, and edit new and existing minor states. You can also set the initial agent login state.

To add a new minor agent state, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the VCC Admin Portal and go to Configuration (within Account Settings). Configuration appears. For information on accessing Configuration, see Editing Configuration (Account Settings).
  2. Click the Agent States tab. The Agent States area appears.
    Agent States
  3. In the Select the Major state to set up list, click the major state that you are creating a new minor state for. The list of existing minor states appears.


    You cannot add new minor states to the Ready state.

    You can add a maximum of 16 minor states to a major state.

  4. Click AddA new minor state appears at the bottom of the list of minor states.

    Adding minor states

How do I edit an existing agent state?

To edit a new or an existing minor state, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Edit alongside the minor state.

    The minor state appears in edit mode. Change the name—this name appears in the agent's ContactPad—if required. Select or click to clear the corresponding Enabled check box to enable or disable the minor state.
    Editing minor state

  2. Click Save and then Cancel. The minor state is saved.

How do I set the initial agent login state?

When an agent logs into ContactPad, their initial state will be that state set in the Agent States area.

To set the initial agent login state, click the required state in the Select the initial agent login state list in Configuration (Account Settings)).

Custom and manual wrap initial states

You cannot select a custom state as the initial agent state. Only the default states are available in the Select the initial agent login state list.

We recommend that you do not select Wrap Up as the initial login state due to potential issues.

For more information about configuring agent states, see: