Configuring user access

Vonage recommends performing user administration tasks in User Admin. This topic describes how to configure user settings in User Access only. To find out what you can do in each of these areas and what the differences between them are, see User administration in the Vonage Contact Center Admin Portal.

How do I create a new user and edit existing users' access?

Different people within your organization need to have different rights in the VCC Admin Portal. For example, you may not want your agents to change the main configuration of the system, but you might want senior managers, department heads or directors to make changes. 

Use the User Access module to manage user passwords and access permissions—read, modify or no access—that a user has to the various modules in the VCC Admin Portal.

To modify user access, perform the following tasks:

  1. Log in to the VCC Admin Portal and go to User Access (within Administration). User Access appears.
  2. In the top section, you can change your own password. Type your old password, and type your new password twice. Make sure that you click Save if you make any changes.

  3. In the main section, you can see the users that you manage.
    In this section you can perform the following tasks:

  4. At the bottom of the page, you can create a new user. To create a new user, click create a user. For information on creating a managee, see Creating a new user.