Scheduling the routing request sweeper

When Salesforce receives a message through a configured channel, Salesforce creates a new case. When Salesforce creates a new case, Vonage Contact Center routes that case according to available workflow rules. Sometimes a case does not route as intended. To deal with failed routing requests, you must schedule the routing request sweeper job.

To schedule the routing request sweeper job, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Administration Setup Page in Salesforce.
  2. On the left-hand side of the Salesforce window, in the App Setup or Build section, expand Create.
  3. In the expanded list of items, click TabsCustom Tabs appears.
  4. In the Visualforce Tabs section click NewStep 1. Enter the Details appears.
  5. Provide the following information:

    Visualforce PageThe Visualforce page to display in the tab. Select NVMMultichannelSetup [NVMContactWorld__NVMMultichannelSetup].
    Tab LabelThe text that appears in the tab label. Type the tab label text.
    For example, NVM Multichannel Setup.
    Tab NameA unique name for the tab automatically generated when you type in the Tab Label field.
    Tab StyleThe color and image that the tab uses.

    Click Next. Step 2. Add to Profiles appears.

  6. Choose the user profiles for which the new tab is available. Click Next. Step 3. Add to Custom Apps appears.
  7. Choose the custom apps for which the new custom tab is available. Click Save. Your new tab is saved and appears in the list of Visualforce Tabs on Custom Tabs.
  8. Go to any of the apps for which you made the tab available. The NVM Multichannel Setup tab appears.
  9. Click NVM Multichannel Setup and then click Schedule Jobs. The job is scheduled.

The routing request sweeper now runs every 15 minutes.