Receiving an inbound call in using NewVoiceMedia

Unsupported product

From March 13, 2020, we will no longer support the Vonage Contact Center and integration.

When you receive an inbound call or make an outbound call, NewVoiceMedia uses the caller's telephone number or the number that you dialed to search for a customer record that contains the number.

If NewVoiceMedia finds a customer record, NewVoiceMedia pops the customer record, and creates and pops a new corresponding case record in NewVoiceMedia logs the call against that record.

 Customer found

If no matching customer record exists, you can create a customer containing the telephone number. Any future calls made from or to that number will result in NewVoiceMedia popping the newly created record. For information on creating a new customer record, see Creating a new customer record.

No customer record found

Inbound calls from International Numbers cannot currently use numbers in an international format (a plus sign (+) followed by country code, region code, and extension number) in searches. For more information about international phone number format, see Telephone number formats in Vonage Contact Center in Salesforce. If an inbound call arrives from a phone number in international format, the leading plus sign is removed from the number using the number in the search.

Searches can, however, find customer records that contain phone numbers in international format in Zendesk.