Monitoring a group

How do I monitor a group and its agents' activity?

A group is a collection of agents. You might group agents together by skill, for example. You can monitor a group using Real Time.

You can see the following information about a group that you have added to the Real Time desktop. For information on adding groups to the desktop, see Organizing the Real Time desktop.

  • The left side of the group displays the names of the agents in the group, a colored icon that represents the agents' states, and the number of groups that an agent is assigned to. You can perform the following tasks:
    • To display an agent's minor state in the lower-right corner of the group along with how long they have been in that state, click the agent's name.
    • To change an agent's state, right-click the agent's name. A menu of available states appears. Click the state you want the agent to be in.
    • To add the agent to the Real Time desktop, double-click the agent's name.
  • The right side of the group displays the names of the major states and the number of agents in the group in those states. When you click a major state, the list of agents on the left side displays only the agents in that state.

In the example, Agent B is currently in the WrapUp state. The information in the lower-right corner shows that Agent B has been in this state for nearly three minutes. The right side of the group shows that 4 agents are in Ready state and 1 agent is Away.

Group information