Accessing and finding your way around User Admin

In the User Admin area of the VCC Admin Portal, you can manage your users, skills and groups in the account you are logged in to.

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How do I access User Admin?

User Admin is the area within the VCC Admin Portal in which you manage users, groups, skills and schedules in the account you are logged in to.

To access User Admin you need to have the Access User Admin permission. For information about account permissions, see Editing linked account permissions.

To access User Admin, perform the following steps: 

  1. Log in to the VCC Admin Portal as a supervisor or administrator. For information about logging in to the VCC Admin Portal, see Logging in to the Vonage Contact Center Admin Portal.
  2. From the VCC Admin Portal homepage, move your mouse pointer over the menu icons on the left of the page.
    In the menu that appears, click User AdminUser Admin appears.
    User Admin appears, containing a list of all of the users you can access in the account you are logged in to.

What permissions do I need to access and use User Admin?

The following permissions determine the actions you can perform in User Admin for your account. These permissions are in the User Admin section in User Access. For information about account permissions, see Editing linked account permissions.

PermissionDescriptionDefault values
Access User AdminAllows you to access to User Admin in the VCC Admin Portal.yesyes
Create User 

Allows you to create new users at or below your license level. Alongside this permission, Edit User permission has to also be granted, to allow user creation.

For example, if as a supervisor user you have the Create User permission, you can create new users with agent, wallboard, or supervisor licenses. You cannot create a user with an admin license.

View Unassigned UsersAllows you to see and edit agent users who are not assigned to any group.


Edit UserAllows you to edit sections with user configuration (Personal Data, License Status, Agent Settings, Permission Settings) under user edition page.yesno
Manage Routing SettingsAllows to edit Routing Settings section in a single user edition page and in bulk actions box; also allows to manage (create new and edit existing) Group and Skills from respective tabs in User Admin. yesyes

How do I find what I'm looking for?

When you first access User Admin, a list of users appears. The list of users contains the users you have access to in the account you are logged in to. In User Admin, you can find users, groups, skills and schedules in various ways.

Admin users always have access to all users in the account they are logged in to.

Supervisor users have access to supervisor, wallboard and agent users who are: 

  • assigned to the group or groups that the supervisor has Read or Write permission to
  • not assigned to any group and the supervisor has the View Unassigned Users permission

Supervisor users also have access to other supervisor or wallboard users who are their managees, and themselves.

Supervisors have no access to admin users.


Use the Users, Groups, Skills, and Schedules tabs to switch between users, groups, skills, and schedules lists. Each tab has its own URL, so you can go directly to the tab using the representative URLs. For example, go to https://*** for the skills tab, where *** represents the subdomain for the region of your VCC account. 

Admin users

The Schedules tab is available only to admin users.

Use the Search field to filter the lists of users, groups, skills and schedules in the account you are logged in to. Type the value you want to search for. As you type, the users, groups, skills and schedules in each list that match your search query updates.


Users list displays up to 25 entries. If your list contains more than 25 users, only the first 25 are displayed. Scroll to the end of the list. A Show remaining x entries button appears. Click the button to display all the entries.

In groups, skills, and schedules tabs, the lists contain all objects and have an infinite scroll. To find the required group, skill, or schedule, scroll through the list or use the search field. 

Filter active and archived users

By default, when you go to User Admin, only active users appear in the list of users on the Users tab. You can, however, filter the list of users to show all users, only active or archived users.

To filter users, click the Filter list and select one of the available options:

  • All users
  • Active users
  • Archived users