Creation of multiple Vonage Contact Center user accounts from Salesforce

If you use Vonage Contact Center in Salesforce, to enable existing Salesforce users to use Vonage Contact Center, you must create Vonage Contact Center user accounts (VCC users) for those Salesforce users. Creating a large number of VCC users can be time-consuming. Creating users takes an especially long time if you need to assign many skills and complex permissions, and add the users to several groups. When you have created the VCC users, you must then link them to your Salesforce users. For information about linking VCC users to their Salesforce user, see Setting up Vonage Contact Center agents in Salesforce.

If enabled for your account, you can create many VCC users at the same time from within Salesforce. Creating the users from Salesforce automatically links these new VCC users to your existing users; you do not need to manually link them. The process creates the new VCC users using an existing user as a template. The new users share the template user's settings (skills, groups, permissions, and so on). You no longer need to manually assign permissions or skills, or add the users to groups when you create the users.

For information about creating user accounts from Salesforce, see Creating Vonage Contact Center user accounts for existing Salesforce users.