Omni-channel routing actions in Unite

When a case is created, modified, or saved in Salesforce, a case trigger starts an action. Depending on the status of the case, a different action is triggered. For information about triggers, see Salesforce help. The action is one of the following three types:

  • Route action. A route action uses information in the case to route the case to a route plan in Vonage Contact Center which then assigns the case to an agent. You would most likely want to route a case with a status of New or Requires Attention, for example.
  • Release action. A release action makes the agent available for another case. For example, you might want a release action to run when an agent has responded to a case and is waiting for a reply from the customer. While the agent waits, they can work on other cases. The action might also put the agent into Wrap Up state and set the case status to Awaiting Reply, for example.
  • Ignore action. An ignore action does nothing. For example, the agent might change the status of the case to Working or In Progress and add some information about the case. While the agent is are working on the case, no action is required.

For information on mapping routing actions to case statuses, see Mapping actions to and from case statuses.