Skills based routing

What is skills based routing?

Traditionally calls are routed to the longest waiting voice-function-enabled user. With skills based routing, the call center routes all types of interactions, including calls, to the users who are best equipped to handle the interactions.

You must have skills based routing enabled for your account to use this feature.

To ensure that VCC routes interactions to users who can most effectively deal with them, create skills and assign those skills to users. Then configure your interaction plans to tag incoming interactions with skills that are required by users to handle them. In skills-based routing mode, VCC routes interactions to users who have the required skills. If enabled for your account, VCC takes users' skill levels into account. If two available users have skills required to handle a specific interaction, VCC will route the interaction to the user with the highest levels of those skills. If their skill levels are the same, VCC routes the interaction to the user who has been waiting longest.

For information about using skills based routing, see Setting up skills based routing.