Viewing and downloading system activity (Audit Log)

How do I see and download system activity?

Vonage Contact Center keeps track of many supervisor activities, such as logging in to the VCC Admin Portal, creating a new agent, changing an agent's states, or creating a new applet in Interaction Plans Architect. For a list of all tracked actions, see Tracked actions. In the Audit Log area of the VCC Admin Portal you can view and search these actions.

To view system activity, log in to the VCC Admin Portal and go to the Audit Log (within Administration). For information about logging in to the VCC Admin Portal, see Logging in to the Vonage Contact Center Admin Portal.

In the main section of Audit Log, all the tracked actions are displayed. By default, all the tracked actions appear. Each action includes the following information:

  • Date/Time. The date and time at which the user performed the action. For information about the time zone this time is presented in, see Time zones in the Vonage Contact Center Admin Portal.
  • Account. The Vonage Contact Center account to which the agent belongs.
  • User. The name of the agent who performed the action.
  • Action. The action performed.
  • Data. Specific data relating to the action.

Page through the actions using the specific page number, Next Page and Previous Page links. Click the << << or >> >> links to go straight to the first or last page respectively.

In the Search section of Audit Log, you can search the actions to show only those that you are interested in. Define your search criteria.

Search on criteria

List of criteria types

The type of information to use in your search.

Select User to search actions by user.

Allows up to 50 characters, including letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores.

Select Action to search actions by action.

Select Data to search actions by data.

Action and Data searches allow you to search for up to 255 characters.

where value

List of search types

The type of search to perform.

Select Matches to perform a case-insensitive search for information. This search returns only the results that match the search criteria exactly.

Select Contains to perform a case-insensitive search for information that includes the search term.


The text to use in your search.

The field allows up to 50 characters (for User type searches) or 255 characters (for other types of searches). Accepted characters include letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores.

Start date and End dateDate

The date range used to filter search results.

By default, the Start date is one month before the current date and the End date is the current date. If you use a blank start and end date, Vonage Contact Center uses the default values.

If you select a Start date, your search returns information from that date.

If you don't provide a value for Start date, information from the date on which your account became active is returned.

If you select an End date, your search returns information up to that date.

If you don't provide a value for End date, information up to the current date is returned.

Click Search. The returned actions appear in the main section.
Click Clear Search at any time to display all the actions again.
Click Download to download the tracked actions returned by your search in a CSV file. If you have not performed a search, the downloaded file will contain up to 100,000 rows of all tracked actions.