Using 'yesterday', 'today', 'tomorrow' in announcements

Using the Data Announcer applet, you can announce the day of the week—Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and so on—of a date in a data source that you specify. Sometimes this day of the week can be ambiguous—if today is Wednesday and the Data Announcer announces that something will happen on Wednesday, your caller might not be sure whether this means today or next Wednesday, or indeed last Wednesday. One way to work around this is to announce the day of the week in combination with the date—for example, Wednesday 10th June 2015. Alternatively you can announce the day of the week as yesterday, today or tomorrow, if the specified date corresponds to one of those relative date strings.

Your account must be enabled to use this feature.

To announce a date as yesterday, today, or tomorrow, perform the following tasks:

  1. Ensure that you have a data source that contains the appropriate date available to the Data Announcer. You can populate the data source using an applet, such as a Data Connector applet or IVR Set Menu String applet.
  2. In the same interaction plan as the data source in the previous step, create a Data Announcer applet:
    • In the Announcement Type list, select Day of Week.
    • In the first Announce From list, select Data Source.
    • In the second Announce From list, select the specific data source that contains the date from which you want to announce the relative date.
    • Select the Announce 'yesterday', 'today' and 'tomorrow' check box.
    • Optionally enable barge-in. 
      Select the Enable Barge-in check box to enable barge-in. Clear the Enable Barge-in check box to disable barge-in.


      If you enable barge-in and follow this applet with a Menu Tone applet, callers can press any key on their telephone keypad to skip the rest of this announcement. VCC logs the key the caller presses and uses it in the following Menu Tone applet.

      If you enable barge-in for a chain of announcements between this and the Menu Tone applet, callers will skip these announcements too. If intermediate announcements do not have barge-in enabled, the caller's keypress is lost and cannot be passed to the Menu Tone applet.

    • In the Routing section, select the success and failure applets.
    When finished, click Update. For more information about the Data Announcer applet, see Data Announcer applet.

This feature currently uses the timezone of the data center hosting the call plan to determine whether the date to announce is 'yesterday', 'today', or 'tomorrow'. If the caller's timezone does not match that of the data center, the yesterday, today and tomorrow values might not be correct for the caller.

Now, when a call is routed through the Data Announcer applet, the date is announced as yesterday, today, or tomorrow, as appropriate.